2011 hyundai sonata horn not working

2011 Sonata GLS Auto Trans, 11,000 Miles

Yesterday, my horn stopped working for no clear reason. Has anyone else had this issue? I asked two local dealers, and neither had heard of it. I looked at the fuse in the engine compartment, but it’s a solid black box type, so I can’t tell if it’s burnt out. Any suggestions?


The car is still under warranty, so let the dealer fix it.

Since they haven’t heard of it, they’re not fixing it? The dealer you bought it from should be happy to honor the warranty.

Turn on the headlights and press the horn button a few times to drain any residual electricity. Then disconnect the battery for about 15 minutes.

How witty. I also purchased my 2011 in 2016. My horn didn’t break entirely, but I had to install new ones because one of the horns stopped working. But it’s probably not your problem.