2011 Hyundai sonata hybrid

My 2011 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid overheated and warped the head. I replaced the head, and now everything electrical works, but it won’t start. I’ve checked and charged the 12V battery, adjusted the timing, changed fluids, and replaced all sensors, but it still won’t turn over. What am I missing? Any ideas on what could be wrong?

eplaced the warped head on my 2011 Sonata Hybrid, but it still won’t start. Everything electrical seems fine, but the engine just won’t turn over.

Dude, that stinks about your Hyundai overheating! Replacing the head sounds rough, but at least you got the electrics working again. Now it’s like a starter issue, right? Cranks but doesn’t fire? You’ve probably tackled most of the big stuff, like the battery and fluids. But hey, sometimes it’s the little things in car land, like a loose sensor or a sneaky air leak.

Crankshaft Sensor: This little guy basically tells the engine when to go boom. Check near the bottom of the engine, see if it’s plugged in tight.
Vacuum Leak: Imagine a hole in a straw, messing up your drink. Leaks can mess with the air/fuel mix the engine needs. Look around the engine, especially near the front, for any hoses that might be loose.

Sounds like you’ve covered a lot of bases.
Given the extensive troubleshooting already done, it might be worth double-checking the connections and grounds related to the starter motor and ignition system.

If everything else seems fine, it could be a faulty starter motor or a wiring issue preventing the start signal from reaching the starter.

Wow, sounds like you’ve already tackled a lot.
Since you’ve covered the basics like the battery, timing, fluids, and sensors, it might be worth checking the starter motor and related wiring.
Sometimes, even a small issue with the starter or its connections can prevent the engine from turning over.

If that doesn’t do the trick, you might want to consider consulting a professional mechanic to help diagnose the problem further.