2013 Azera with 150K miles - should I?

My daughter test drove an Azera yesterday with approx 150K miles. It is in beautiful shape and drove like a dream, but she is concerned about a car with that many miles. We are assuming most of the miles were highway miles, which reduces the concern somewhat. Are there other high miles Azera owners out there that can tell us whether Azeras (or Hyundais in general) are still reliable when they have higher miles?

I’ve heard that high-mileage Azeras, like the one your daughter test-drove, can still be pretty reliable, even with around 150K miles on them.

I gather that as long as they’ve been well-maintained, Hyundais generally seem to hold up well over time.

It feels reassuring to know that, especially considering how much she liked the car.

Regular check-ups and care seem to be the secret to keeping them running smoothly.

First, you need to check the car’s history and a mechanic inspection is important.

High mileage, especially with mostly highway driving, can still mean good reliability.