2022 Kona Sloshing noises after electronic thermostat repair

I drive a 2022 Kona with 20,000 miles on it. Yesterday, the dealership replaced my electronic thermostat and changed the car battery under warranty. However, today I noticed a sloshing noise coming from the dashboard. The car’s temperature appears normal, and there are no engine or warning lights on. I contacted the dealership, but they scheduled me for a 10-day appointment. Is it safe to drive the car with this sloshing noise in the dashboard?

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It’s best not to drive your car until the sloshing noise is investigated. Even though there are no warning lights, it could indicate a potential issue with the cooling system or HVAC. Contacting the dealership was the right move, but if they can’t see you sooner, consider getting a second opinion from a trusted mechanic. Safety first!