2024 Palisade Sunroof glass just shattered

My 2024 Palisade’s sunroof glass shattered at just 50 kilometers. Does anyone know if Hyundai is covering this? The local dealer informed me that it’s not covered, and I’ll have to pay out of pocket.

Oh my so sorry. :sob:
Have you checked the 2024 Owner’s Handbook and Warranty information?
How did the accident happen? The dealership could be right. I for sure know that the Hyundai’s warranty does not cover damage resulting directly or indirectly from “action of road elements”. This is just a fancy way of Hyundai saying that they will not reimburse you if sand, gravel, dust or roadside debris results in breaking your car’s glass. Also, if it happened due to acts of God, they will not reimburse you.

I have a solution! Carefully remove it, tie it in a knot, and dispose of it in the trash. To prevent animals from eating it, you can also add some hot sauce. :laughing:

are you usually this stupid ?