Accessories differences between Santa Fe and Santa Fe Sport

The Santa Fe and the Sport look very similar, but do they share any parts, such as headlights, interior components, or engine parts? Is there a list that shows this information? I have tried searching on Google.

Since the Sport is widely available, I assume its parts are also easy to find. I own the LWB and want to know if any parts are compatible.

You’ll notice the difference, but if you’re only ever on streets/highways it won’t likely matter much.

I got a BRAND NEW 2020 SEL 2.0T for $29k earlier last week. That 2019 seems like a good deal depending on the trim level.

Santa Fe and Santa Fe Sport look alike, and they might share parts like lights, knobs, or even some engine parts depending on the year. No public list exists, but:

  • Check with a Hyundai dealer - they can confirm part fit based on your exact car.
  • Try online parts stores with fitment checkers for both models.
  • Since you have the long Santa Fe (LWB), some parts might not fit due to size differences.
  • Santa Fe Sport’s popularity likely means easier part finding, especially aftermarket parts.