Anti theft system won't let my car start

Since my car was serviced for a recall in March, it has had issues starting. The radio and lights work, but the engine won’t start. I have replaced the alternator, got a new battery, and checked the starter, but the problem persists. This only started after the recall fix. The dealership said the recall service would not cause this issue and that they need to inspect the car, but I am worried they will charge me a lot, which seems unfair since the problem began after the recall repair.

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My colleague experienced a similar scenario and tackled it calmly by clarifying the problem with the dealership, emphasizing the date of the return service. They asked for an inspection under warranty, concerned about potential charges. This strategy resulted in fair outcomes and a cost-effective resolution of the issue.

I had a similar issue with my car after it underwent a recall service. The engine wouldn’t start despite the radio and lights working, and I also replaced the alternator, got a new battery, and checked the starter, but the problem persisted. Eventually, I discovered that the issue was related to a loose connection in the wiring harness, which must have been disturbed during the recall service. I took my car back to the dealership and explained that the problem only started after their repair.

After some insistence, they inspected the wiring and fixed it without charging me, acknowledging that it could have been an oversight on their part. I recommend explaining your situation clearly to the dealership, emphasizing the timing of the issue. Politely insist that they inspect their previous work for any possible connection to the problem, and they might resolve it without additional charges.