Brake light is stuck on

Has anyone else experienced a similar issue with their SF? My wife drove it to work today and noticed that the brake lights remained on even after she turned off the car. I told her to pull the fuse until she was ready to leave so I could investigate.

I suspect it might be something straightforward like the brake switch, but I’m wondering if this is a common issue among other Santa Fe models?

When the brake lights stay on even when the vehicle is off, it’s usually due to an issue with the Brake Light Switch. This can happen if the internal plunger of the switch is stuck in the “on” position or if there is a broken or misaligned part on the brake pedal assembly. However, the most common cause is a failure of the switch itself.

The brake light switch is most likely not working properly, or the plastic stopper it is meant to contact is broken (a common failure site).

Find and examine the brake light switch. Check to see if the switch is in touch with the brake pedal when the pedal is pressed and released, as well as whether it is plugged in.

Hi, Geneva. This could be due to a defective brake light switch or sensor. It could also be caused by a malfunctioning brake pedal or an electrical system failure.