Creaking Noise When Turning the Steering Wheel

My 2015 Sonata 2.0T, which has 48000 miles on it, started making a hissing sound when I turned the wheel, which I thought might be caused by some rubber or plastic rubbing against each other in the steering column. It quickly developed into a creaking sound that sounded like a dry ball joint, and I did not even need to be moving to make it happen. I parked the car for a few minutes and then restarted it, but the sound disappeared, so I never had a chance to find out if it was audible from the outside.

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My 2015 2.0T with 63k miles is having the same issue. When it has been raining or the roads are wet, I find that it is noisiest and most noticeable. After having it looked at, the dealership informed me that they were unable to identify any problems.

It feels precisely like metal on rubber, and it seems to be slipping and catching as though it needs lubrication.

Seems like your car has a problem. I would pinpoint the creaking noise when turning the steering as a symptom of a faulty wheel bearing