ESC off hyundai

I drive a 2010 Santa Fe and have had this issue for a couple of months. After driving for approximately 20 minutes my ESC indicator light comes on and stays on. I’m not braking at the time or doing anything other than driving in a straight line on a clear road at about 80 km/hr. Drives fine for the rest of the trip even with the indicator on. After I shut the car off and then restart the indicator is off. Later in the day when I drive for another 20 minutes or so the indicator comes on again and stays on until I shut the car off and restart. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

I once had this issue with my 2010 Santa Fe and the problem was related to the Electronic Stability Control (ESC) system, potentially caused by a faulty wheel speed sensor or a problem with the ABS module, that was what I was told. To address this, I recommend consulting a qualified mechanic for diagnostic testing to pinpoint the exact cause.