How do you check active air flap system?

After refueling my 2022 Sonata Hybrid Limited for the first time, I encountered a warning message: “Check Active Air Flap System.” The vehicle has approximately 2300 miles, is stored in a garage, and isn’t subjected to aggressive driving. While the warning disappeared, I’m curious about its cause. Has anyone else experienced this warning message?

This “Check Active Air Flap System” message in my brand new 2022 Sonata Hybrid Limited (only 2300 miles!) definitely caught me off guard. It seems strange for a barely driven, garage-kept car like mine to have an issue. I’m hoping it’s nothing serious, and maybe others with Sonatas have some insight.

Here’s what I found digging around online:

  • The Active Air Flap System: This is actually a fuel-efficiency trick. At low speeds, the flap opens to cool the engine. On the highway, it closes to make the car more aerodynamic. [online source about Hyundai Active Air Flap System]
  • Possible Causes: It could be a glitch, a sensor issue, or even something stuck in the flap mechanism itself. There’s even a chance some leftover debris from the refueling process might have triggered it.
  • Good News (Maybe): It sounds like the warning went away on its own. This could mean it was a temporary glitch.
  • Not Alone: While not super common, there are other Sonata Hybrid owners who’ve reported this message. [online forum about Hyundai Active Air Flap System warning]

Here’s what I’m going to do:

  • Monitor: Since the warning disappeared, I’ll keep an eye on the dashboard for now.
  • Contact the Dealer: If the message comes back, I’ll be scheduling a service appointment with the dealership. It’s still under warranty, so they should be able to diagnose and fix it for free.

Hopefully, this is just a one-time thing. If anyone else has had a similar experience with their Sonata Hybrid, I’d love to hear about it in the comments!