How do you steering wheel lock for hyundai?

The other day, my wife called me to say that her steering wheel was locked. She tried moving it back and forth while turning the key, but it remained stuck. She asked two others to help, but the wheel wouldn’t budge. One of them managed to turn the wheel about half a turn without starting the car or moving the wheels, and then it got completely stuck.

When I got home, I also couldn’t unlock the steering wheel (something I’d never had trouble with before). Following advice from a forum, I jacked up the front of the car and tried again.

Oh no, @HyundaiAnn, it sounds like you’ve had quite the ordeal with that stubborn steering wheel lock! Here’s a little trick that might help: First, make sure the ignition is off. Then, gently turn the steering wheel in the direction it feels a bit more giving, while at the same time, carefully turning the key in the ignition. It’s a delicate dance between the wheel and the key, but with a bit of patience, it usually does the trick. If it still won’t budge, it might be a sign to check if the key is damaged or if there’s an issue with the ignition system itself. When in doubt, a professional’s touch might be just what your Hyundai needs. Keep me posted on how it goes…:blush:

Hyundai steering wheel lock turn off, remove key, turn wheel until click.

@Luna It sounds like you are describing how to disengage a steering wheel lock on a Hyundai vehicle.
To do this, follow these steps:

1 Turn off the engine: Ensure the engine is off and the key is in the “Off” position.
2. Remove the key: Take the key out of the ignition.
3. Turn the steering wheel: While the key is out, gently turn the steering wheel in either direction until you hear or feel a click. This click indicates that the steering wheel lock has disengaged.
4. Start the vehicle: If you need to start the vehicle again, insert the key and turn it to the “On” position.

@HyundaiAnn This is a pretty common problem that you might think and you’re not alone on this.

So, if your steering wheel won’t budge, it’s probably because it got locked, like when you parked or took out the key. No worries, it happens! Here’s what you can do to fix it:

First off, stick your key back in the ignition. Then, wiggle the key and the steering wheel at the same time. Give it a good wiggle and try to turn the key towards the “on” position. Don’t be afraid to use a little muscle, but don’t go Hulk mode and break the key or anything. Also, the steering wheel might be easier to move in one direction, so lean into that side.

If that doesn’t do the trick and your steering wheel feels like it’s stuck even harder, there’s another level of locking going on. But don’t panic! The wheel should still have some wiggle room in one direction. So, pull on the wheel in that direction while you try to turn the key.

If you’re still stuck and the wheel won’t unlock then consider taking your car to a shop and let them work it out. Good luck!