How does the new anti-theft system works

I drive a 2013 Sonata and I just updated the anti-theft software. But I noticed that the immobilizer icon doesn’t show up on the dashboard anymore. I’m curious about how this update works.

Also, two nights ago, my car alarm went off while it was parked. I think someone might have tried to open the door. Can someone tell me when exactly Hyundai cars start sounding their alarms?

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As someone knowledgeable about car security, anti-theft systems in vehicles are designed to prevent unauthorized access and theft.

They typically include a combination of features such as:

Immobilizers: Prevent the engine from starting unless the correct key is used.
If an incorrect key is detected, the system will block the engine from starting to prevent theft.

Sensors: Detect any impact or movement inside the car, which can trigger an alarm system to sound and alert the owner or people nearby2.

Alarm Systems: Produce loud noises when unauthorized entry or tampering is detected, drawing attention to the vehicle and deterring potential thieves.

Tracking Software: Helps locate the vehicle if it is stolen by using GPS technology.

Ah, the joys of tech updates! Updating the anti-theft software on your Hyundai is like trying to teach an old dog new tricks.
But instead of ‘sit’ and ‘stay,’ it’s ‘don’t let the bad guys in’ and ‘alert the human!’
Just remember, if your car starts asking for your social media passwords, it’s time to worry!” :smile:

The immobilizer feature is probably included into the anti-theft software upgrade, eliminating the requirement for a dashboard symbol. Hyundai alarms sound when someone tries to enter a locked car without authorization; usually, this happens after a few seconds. Verifying the manufacturer’s specifications or the handbook for your model may help to clarify how the system works.