How many miles per gallon does the Hyundai Santa Fe get?

Hello everyone,

I’m new here and just got my new Hyundai Santa Fe 2023 Calligraphy Edition in flame red with a beige interior. It’s a beautiful car, and after just 3 weeks, I’m absolutely loving it. I have a few questions about fuel economy and drive modes. I’ve searched online but haven’t found clear answers, so I’m hoping someone here can help.

If this isn’t the right place to ask, please let me know where I should go!

I live in Canada, so I’ll mainly use kilometers per liter as my main measure (but I’ll also provide MPG for context).

So far, I’ve driven the car for 358 kilometers (222 miles) over the last 3 weeks, using 56.58 liters (14.94 gallons) of gas. This was all city driving in Comfort mode. The car has a tank capacity of 18.8 gallons (71 liters), but my display showed only 50 kilometers of range left.

I haven’t used Sport mode or let the car idle for long periods. If I were to run the tank empty, I think I would have gotten about 400 kilometers (248 miles). However, I expected to get around 25 MPG (which would be about 470 miles or 700 kilometers on a full tank). Why is there such a big difference of 300 kilometers?

Should I be using Smart mode so the Eco feature kicks in for better fuel economy? (I don’t see a dedicated Eco mode.) When I filled the tank with 56.58 liters, my dash only shows 545 kilometers, not the full 700 kilometers.

Any tips on how I can get the best mileage from this car? I consider myself a reasonable driver with good habits.

Thank you all in advance for your help! I just want to make sure I haven’t bought a gas guzzler and get better mileage from my car.

hi hyundai fans adhere to this stop-and-go traffic and hilly terrain can lead to decreased fuel economy.
weather conditions also play a role: cold weather can lower fuel efficiency, and hot weather may affect fuel economy if air conditioning is frequently used.

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To get better mileage, try using Smart mode for optimal fuel efficiency, check your tire pressure, avoid excessive idling, drive smoothly, lighten your load, and keep up with regular maintenance.

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Santa Fe Limited, 2022. average mileage of 23 mpg. possesses 8900 miles. Most days, drive in Sport Mode with the Stop-Start activated. Still, I’d like to get rid of that.