How much is hyundai sonata engine replacement cost?

Has anyone encountered a situation where a dealership is requesting payment for an extended engine warranty? Here’s our scenario: we own a 2012 Sonata, and around 118,000 miles, we experienced the oil consumption issue (oil light coming on after less than 3,000 miles post oil change). The dealership instructed us to return every 1,000 miles for consumption checks. Due to reduced driving during COVID, we recently completed the last check at 122,143 miles. We were informed yesterday that the engine can be replaced under the extended warranty, but the dealership is asking for $700-$900 within 10 days. Is this permissible? Could it be due to surpassing 120,000 miles, perhaps proration-related?

This situation with the dealership and our 2012 Sonata’s engine replacement has me confused. Here’s why:

  • Oil Consumption Issue: Our car started burning oil excessively around 118,000 miles, triggering the oil light way before the next oil change was due.
  • Dealership Monitoring: They had us come back every 1,000 miles to check the oil consumption, which seems reasonable for diagnosing the problem.
  • Extended Warranty Coverage: We finally hit 122,143 miles and received good news - the engine can be replaced under the extended warranty! This is fantastic, as excessive oil consumption can be a major issue.
  • The $700-$900 Mystery Fee: However, here’s the confusing part. The dealership is asking for $700-$900 within 10 days! There’s no mention of what this fee is for, and the timeframe seems strict.

Since the oil consumption issue started well before 120,000 miles, it shouldn’t be related to exceeding the warranty coverage (if that’s their reasoning). It could be a prorated deductible, but even then, the short window to pay feels odd.

Here’s what I’m going to do:

  • Call the Hyundai Warranty Services Directly: I’ll contact Hyundai’s warranty service department to understand this fee. They should be able to clarify what it’s for and if it’s legitimate.
  • Review the Extended Warranty Fine Print: Digging out the extended warranty paperwork might reveal details about deductibles or limitations. Knowing the specifics will help navigate this situation.
  • Consult a Consumer Protection Agency (Optional): If Hyundai’s explanation isn’t clear or feels unfair, getting advice from a consumer protection agency might be helpful. They can offer guidance on how to proceed.

Replacing the engine under warranty is a great outcome, but this unexpected fee throws a wrench in the works. Hopefully, a call to Hyundai and a review of the warranty details will clear things up!