How to fix hyundai oil consumption?

I recently got myself a new Hyundai car and I have noticed it is consuming more oil than I expected. Has anyone else experienced this issue, and if so, what are some effective fixes or solutions for reducing oil consumption in Hyundai vehicles? Any insights or recommendations engineers🤷‍♂️


Inspect the engine and undercarriage for any signs of oil leaks.

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Hey! Congrats on the new Hyundai! If you’re noticing excessive oil consumption, check for leaks and use the recommended oil. If issues persist, get it checked by a mechanic for potential engine problems.

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To address excessive oil consumption in your car, start by regularly checking for engine or oil system leaks.

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I recently had a similar experience with my Hyundai car. After some investigation, I found that excessive oil consumption can be attributed to several factors, ranging from engine wear to improper maintenance. Firstly, it’s crucial to check for any leaks or seals that might be causing the oil to escape. Additionally, using the recommended grade of oil and regularly changing it according to the manufacturer’s guidelines can help mitigate consumption.