How to siphon gas with a hose

Hi everyone,
Recently, I found myself in a bit of a jam—my Hyundai unexpectedly ran out of petrol in the middle of nowhere, leaving me stuck without a gas station in sight. Although I’ve never done it before, I seem to recall hearing about siphoning gas from a car in situations similar to this. Could someone help show me how to use a hose to siphon gas out of my Hyundai? I want to make sure that I do it securely and without endangering my automobile in any way. I would be grateful for any pointers or recommendations on the procedure.

Siphoning gas from a car can be a useful skill in emergencies. Siphoning gas is easy you just need to have the right equipment like a Fuel-approved container, a Transparent plastic hose or pipe, and a cloth.
With the equipment in place, follow these steps:

  • Open the gas tank of your Hyundai.
  • Insert a long plastic tube into the tank. To check if it’s submerged, blow air into it (you should hear bubbling noises).
  • Create a loop in the pipe, with one end facing upwards. This helps control gas flow.
  • Suck carefully on the end of the pipe facing you. The transparent pipe allows you to see the gas flowing.
  • Keep sucking until the gas reaches the bottom of the loop
  • Plug the pipe shut with a finger and lower it into the open container without pulling it out of the tank.
  • Remove your finger, allowing the gas to flow into the container.
  • When you’ve extracted enough gas, clamp the pipe shut and raise it higher than the tank level to drain any remaining gas back into the tank.

For the latest Hyundai models, they have an anti-siphon filter in the gas tank, making siphoning more challenging.
To siphon gas from these thanks, use a siphon pump designed for fuel extraction.