Hyundai Battery Discharge warning

I recently purchased a new Hyundai Venue (Essential - base model), marking my first ownership of a Hyundai vehicle. I’ve noticed that whenever I park, turn off the engine, and switch the car to accessory mode (for activities like listening to music, relaxing, or waiting for someone), a message appears stating: “Battery Discharge Warning. Please use the system after starting the vehicle.” This message doesn’t typically appear in the other cars I’ve driven. Should I be concerned about a potential issue with my battery, or is this a normal occurrence? I usually only keep the car in accessory mode for about 10 to 15 minutes at a time. Appreciate any insights!

Congrats on the ride. Just FYI that battery discharge warning popping up when you chill in accessory mode is a Hyundai thing especially in base models. 10-15 minutes is totally fine but for longer hangs you might wanna shut everything down or even pop the engine on for a quick recharge.