Hyundai check bsd system

Since Wednesday, I’ve been seeing a warning when I start my car in the morning. It says “Check BSD System.” It’s like a caution sign with an orange exclamation mark. It stays on for a few seconds to five minutes and then goes away. But when it’s there, the Blind Spot Detection system doesn’t work. After a visit to the dealer, they found a problem with the battery voltage and cleared it, but the warning came back the next day. They didn’t really fix the issue; they just erased a message. I called them again and got another appointment for Wednesday.

The manual says to take it to the dealer for this problem, but I’m wondering if there’s anything simple I can do myself to fix it. Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks.

Blind Spot Detection (BSD) relies on sensors in your car’s bumpers. It’s possible something is blocking them (like dirt or snow buildup) or they might be malfunctioning. You can try carefully cleaning the sensor areas (consult your manual for location) but avoid using harsh chemicals.