Hyundai dealers in Michigan

Hi everyone,
When I’m looking to buy a new vehicle, I have my eye on a Hyundai. But I can’t seem to find Hyundai dealerships in Michigan. I’ve tried searching online, but there are a ton of results, and I’m not sure which are reliable or easily accessible. I would greatly appreciate recommendations for Hyundai dealerships in Michigan, preferably in the Detroit or Grand Rapids areas. It would also be beneficial if you could offer some advice on things to consider while selecting a dealership.

Hey, I’m not from Michigan, so I cannot really advice appropriately
But I would advise you against buying cars from online dealerships
I just fear that a lot of credit scams.
I do not know, perhaps I am old school enough. But al lot of my friends have fallen victims to online scams

Finding a Hyundai dealership in Michigan shouldn’t be a headache. While a simple web search can overwhelm you, there are actually many reputable options, especially in Detroit and Grand Rapids. Websites like list Hyundai dealerships across the state, with reviews to help you choose a reliable one. Here’s a tip: Look for dealerships with high ratings that mention helpful staff and a good selection of vehicles. Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, check their websites or call to see which has the easiest accessibility for you.