Hyundai denied me a buyback

Purchased a Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) 2021 Santa Fe on September 16th, 2023. On January 4th, 2024, it experienced a malfunction, displaying the “Engine Control System Failure” code, and was subsequently towed to a dealership where it remains to date. Initial repair attempts were unsuccessful, leading Hyundai to authorize a motor replacement after the first two attempts. Disappointed with Hyundai’s handling of the situation, I am eager to rid myself of the vehicle. Approaching nearly 30 days in the shop, I initiated a BBB Autoline claim, which has been opened. Recently, I received the Manufacturer Response Form, wherein Hyundai stated that, after a thorough review, they do not find grounds for repurchase, despite my vehicle qualifying for a Magnuson-Moss claim in Pennsylvania. Additionally, my engine is currently on backorder with no estimated time of arrival.

Has anyone encountered a similar response from Hyundai and pursued arbitration? If so, were you able to achieve a satisfactory resolution? I am contemplating whether it is worth my time to pursue arbitration or if I should instead engage a Lemon Law lawyer to pursue my case more aggressively.

It might be annoying to keep having problems with your certified pre-owned Hyundai Santa Fe. It might be essential to take legal or arbitration action if Hyundai refuses to repurchase even if it is eligible for Magnuson-Moss claims. Speaking with a Lemon Law lawyer might help clarify the appropriate line of action for handling the matter.