Hyundai Elantra Coolant

Today, I discovered that my coolant level has dropped to the MIN mark, prompting me to top it up. However, I’m unsure about the appropriate coolant type to use. The owner’s manual doesn’t specify aside from mentioning ethylene glycol for the aluminum radiator. Can I safely mix Prestone Platinum All-Vehicle Antifreeze with the existing green coolant?

Any Asian green or blue coolant is suitable for vehicles equipped with green coolant. Brands like Peak, OEM, Recochem, BeckArnley, Pentosin, Valvoline, and Zerex offer compatible options. When purchasing pink coolant at the dealership, it’s essential to read the bottle’s ingredients; it might not be what everyone assumes it is. A motto for offering advice on forums: “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.” Sadly, in many countries, a significant number of men lack basic automotive skills like changing a tire, using a tire PSI gauge, checking engine oil, or even opening the hood. TrollBots are ubiquitous, especially paid trolls who are often easy to spot in off-topic forums.

My car needs coolant! Manual says it’s ethylene glycol, but not the brand. Can I use any type, like that Prestone All-Vehicle stuff?

Mixing wrong coolant can clog the engine. Playing it safe, I’ll:

  1. Check the reservoir color (green = old coolant, yellow/orange = newer).
  2. Call the dealership if unsure to identify the exact type.
  3. Top up with the same type to avoid compatibility problems.

Better safe than sorry for engine health!

Hold on, topping up your coolant might be easier than you think! While the owner’s manual mentions the radiator material, the key detail is actually the ethylene glycol. Prestone Platinum All-Vehicle Antifreeze is also based on ethylene glycol, and many manufacturers claim their products are universally compatible these days. It’s best to double-check though. Search online for your car’s specific coolant requirements, but there’s a good chance the Prestone will work just fine!