Hyundai motor finance online account fail

Hello everyone,

I recently bought a 2016 Hyundai Accent and was eager to try out car pay. However, when I inserted my iPhone into the USB port, neither the iPhone nor the car detected the connection. The head unit might require a software upgrade, based on my investigation and testing a variety of cables, including an official Apple USB to Lightning jack. Regretfully, I am unable to access Cartronics and am experiencing difficulties locating the firmware update files.

Please let me know if you have access to these files or know where I may locate them. Thank you.

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Don’t worry, it happens. Your head unit might need a software update. While I can’t give you those files directly, here’s some help, visit your Hyundai dealer – they can diagnose the problem and update the software if needed.

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Contact the god damn customer care

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I got a new Hyundai car on March 22 and financed it through HMFUSA. Three days later, they emailed me to set up an online account. I couldn’t do it before I got the email, but after that, it was easy.