Hyundai oil consumption recall

I am writing to you again to express my disappointment that my 2015 Hyundai Sonata SE 2.4L vehicle is now sitting in the Kearny Mesa Hyundai dealership because my daughter is afraid to drive it! Last week, I checked the engine oil level and to my surprise, there was NO OIL showing on the dipstick. So I had to add more than 3 and a half quarts! I immediately called Hyundai Kearny Mesa and the customer service representative said, β€œI can get you an appointment for September 8, 2023!” That was not acceptable, so my daughter drove her car down there on a walk in basis and left it there. Our Service Advisor, Nick, has been very helpful and professional. He explained the long process that we need to follow. First, a technician needs to run some engine diagnostics and then the dealership needs to communicate with Hyundai USA to get the OK to run an oil consumption test. Following that, a second test will be needed, and if it fails that, a new engine will be needed.

The reason I am writing you Mr. Parker, is that I strongly feel that Hyundai USA NEEDS TO MAKE IT THEIR PRIORITY TO EXPEDITE the long process so that your customers can get their vehicles back in a reasonable amount of time! Moreover, Hyundai USA should also supply a loaner vehicle while we are waiting for our cars to be repaired. My Sonata only has 70,000 miles on it and I have followed all the maintenance requirements. I have the service records to prove this. I am a member of the Hyundai Forums and I read what other Hyundai owners say about their vehicle regarding the engine rod knock and the oil consumption problems that plague the Theta ii engine.

Mr. Parker, I bought the Sonata for my daughter. She needs her car for school and work. The car has been meticulously cared for. It is beautiful inside and out because my daughter enjoys having a beautiful, clean car. So when Hyundai Kearny Mesa contacts Hyundai USA to make a request for an oil consumption test, an engine replacement, or for any other reason, please expedite the process and don’t make the dealership or your customers wait for weeks and months to get their car operational again! Your prompt reply would be appreciated.

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