Hyundai SUV2014 Tucson Engine Failure

My 2014 Tucson, which has around 120,000 miles, gave out last week. I’ve been diligent with regular oil changes since buying it at around 65,000 miles. As far as I know, the car never had the updated knock sensor installed, which is part of an engine recall. Is there still a chance it could be covered under the lifetime warranty, or am I out of luck?

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Even though your Hyundai Tucson has beyond 100,000 miles and has not received the knock sensor upgrade, you may still be insured. If connecting rod bearing wear is the cause of the issue, the extended warranty will cover engine repairs; however, a dealership inspection is required to verify this. The update is significant, yet it may be excused by certain previous recalls. To find out if your case qualifies, get in touch with a Hyundai dealership, mention the engine recall and extended warranty for your 2014 Tucson, and arrange for an examination.

Hyundai issued a recall affecting certain 2011-2018 Sonata and Santa Fe Sport vehicles due to potential engine bearing wear concerns. The recall involves inspecting fuel tubes post-engine replacement and installing a software update for the knock sensor.

Applicability to Your 2014 Tucson:

While the recall specifically mentions Sonata and Santa Fe Sport models, it’s prudent to verify if your 2014 Tucson is affected. You can do this by visiting the Hyundai Engine Recall Information website or entering your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on the site. This will confirm if your Tucson requires any action under the recall.

Lifetime Warranty Coverage:

The resolution for this recall is covered independently of the standard warranty due to its safety implications. However, the original 10-year/100,000-mile powertrain warranty on your 2014 Tucson may have expired depending on your purchase date. Check your owner’s manual or contact a Hyundai dealership for details on your vehicle’s warranty.


Regardless of warranty status, contact a Hyundai dealership promptly. Provide details such as mileage, lack of the knock sensor update, and any recent issues with your vehicle. They can confirm if your Tucson is part of the recall and advise on necessary repairs or replacements.

If your vehicle qualifies for the recall but is outside the standard warranty, inquire about the repair costs related to any engine issues that may arise.

If you want to determine if your Tucson is eligible for coverage under the recall or the lifetime warranty extension, you should contact your nearest Hyundai dealership with your vehicle identification number (VIN) ready.

It could. But you’ll have to gather documentation related to your vehicle’s maintenance history, including records of oil changes and any communication you’ve had with Hyundai or its authorized dealers regarding recalls or warranty issues.