Is Blue Link worth it?

Hey everyone, I recently acquired a 2021 Sonata Limited and I’m interested in hearing about your experiences with Blue Link. Is it worth investing in? I’m looking for a reliable tracker for my car, and I’m considering options like Blue Link, using an AirTag, or opting for an advanced car tracker available on Amazon. I’d appreciate hearing your thoughts and any recommendations you have!

Yes, Blue Link is a feature offered by Hyundai. It is a connected car system that provides a range of services and features designed to enhance convenience, safety, and security for Hyundai vehicle owners. Blue Link allows users to remotely access their vehicle’s features and functions using a smartphone app or web portal.

Some of the key features of Blue Link include:

  1. Remote Start: Allows users to start their vehicle remotely using the Blue Link app, helping to warm up or cool down the interior before entering the car.
  2. Remote Lock/Unlock: Enables users to lock or unlock their vehicle’s doors remotely from their smartphone or computer.
  3. Vehicle Health Monitoring: Provides real-time diagnostics and alerts for maintenance issues, allowing owners to stay informed about their vehicle’s health.
  4. Stolen Vehicle Recovery: In the event of theft, Blue Link can assist law enforcement in locating and recovering the stolen vehicle.
  5. Destination Send-to-Car: Allows users to send navigation destinations from their smartphone to their vehicle’s navigation system.
  6. Remote Horn and Lights: Allows users to activate the horn and flash the lights remotely to locate their vehicle in a crowded parking lot.

Overall, Blue Link enhances the ownership experience by providing added convenience, safety, and peace of mind for Hyundai owners.