Is There a Leak from My Hyundai's Engine or Oil Drain Plug?

Oil Leak Issue with My Hyundai: Need Advice


I noticed a couple of dark oil spots on the floor recently and decided to remove the bottom cover to investigate the source of the leak. Here’s how the cover looked. When I checked the engine oil dipstick, it showed oil levels below “Low”.

I cleaned the area with brake cleaner, revealing some oil stains on the pan. I replaced the engine oil bolt aluminum gasket to ensure it wasn’t leaking from there. However, I noticed a small leak from this area after leaving the car to drain oil for about 20 minutes.

Is this kind of leak a common problem with the Santa Fe? Should I take it to a shop to get it checked? Could this be a gasket issue between the engine and transmission?


Oil tends to flow down to the lowest point on the engine or transmission. Try tracing any oily trails upwards. It might be something as simple as an improperly tightened oil filter, indicated by oil dripping from the filter, or it could originate higher up on the engine, such as from a leaking valve cover gasket. Checking the oil pan gaskets is also a good idea; oil trails typically start where the pan attaches to the engine block.

The severity of the leak depends on how quickly the oil level is decreasing. Even a small amount of oil can spread over a large area over time. I had a similar issue with my Sonata’s engine, which turned out to be a valve cover leak. It was a small leak but caused a significant mess over time.


Thank you for your response!

This is a 2017 Santa Fe with 57,000 miles. If it turns out to be a gasket leak or another issue covered under the powertrain warranty, it should be covered, right?

Also, I have a random question: Does it make a difference which Hyundai dealership I go to for warranty service, or does it have to be the one where I originally purchased the vehicle?


If oil is leaking from that hole, it’s likely the rear main oil seal. Not good.

Unclewaffl3s, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge on oil leak tracking! It is true that oil follows gravity to its lowest point, so in order to locate the source, you must look upward from any visible oil trails. Notable leaks can, in fact, be caused by problems such as incorrectly tightened oil filters or leaking valve cover gaskets.

You’ve brought up a crucial point regarding the seriousness of leaks and how even tiny spills can eventually cause big problems. It’s a helpful reminder to keep the engine maintained and inspected on a regular basis to avoid any potential problems.

Have you previously been successful in locating and repairing leaks in your cars? Any advice for those going through similar difficulties?

Regarding your 2017 Santa Fe and possible warranty coverage, DolphGabbana, if the problem is indeed caused by a gasket leak or another part covered by the powertrain warranty, it should normally be covered because the mileage is still within the guarantee parameters. It’s wise to confirm coverage details by consulting your warranty’s precise terms.