My Hyundai and Hyundai Digital Key - same UN/PW?

I’m attempting to ascertain how these two apps are related. My Hyundai login credentials are not working when I try to log into Digital Key. It appears that Digital Key tries to reset my My Hyundai login information whenever I want to reset my account or establish a new one.

Is it known if these make use of the same login credentials?

Your My Hyundai login is shared. The vehicle ought to be available through the digital Key app if it has been registered on the My a Hyundai website. To register the phone with the automobile, you must be in the vehicle; however, once you log in, the car ought to appear as available on the app.

Which Hyundai model and trim level is it?

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Have you tried opening Digital Key from the My Hudai app?

When you’re ready to get started, just locate the menu button in the lower left corner. You’ll find Digital Key among the available options.