Nasty rattle from gear shift area

Hello all, I recently purchased a 2023 Sonata N Line last fall. Over the past few months, I have noticed a terrible rattle/ creek noise coming from the gear shift area, especially when driving on uneven surfaces. Has anyone else noticed this issue? If so, is that something the dealer can fix? Thanks in advance.

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That pesky rattle coming from the shifter area can definitely put a damper on your cruising.

While uncommon, it’s not unheard of in some 2023 N Lines. It’s likely fixable by your dealer.

Several Sonata N Line owners have reported similar rattles, fixed by technicians at the dealership.

It could be a loose trim piece or something behind the scenes needing a quick tightening.

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It sounds like it could be a loose part or something in the center console area. The good news is that your car is still under warranty, so a Hyundai dealer should be able to diagnose and fix the rattle for free.

Definitely schedule a service appointment and mention the noise.

All I can suggest is taking your vehicle to the dealer to have them inspect the gearshift area and diagnose the cause of the noise.

They should be able to identify and address any manufacturing defects or issues under warranty.

The rattle/creak from your 2023 Sonata N Line’s gearshift is likely a loose component in the center console. Fortunately, it’s under warranty, so the Hyundai dealer can diagnose and fix it for free. Schedule a service appointment and clearly explain the issue - the techs should be able to resolve the problem quickly.

Taking your vehicle to the dealer for an inspection of the gearshift area is advisable. They can accurately diagnose the cause of the noise and check for any manufacturing defects.

If your vehicle is under warranty, any necessary repairs should be covered, ensuring the issue is resolved without additional cost to you.

Yeah issue to communicate/ consult Hyundai dealer for a solution