Need a reset of your MyHyundai password? Good luck with that

I called to reset my password for MyHyundai, and after 45 minutes on wait, I was told that a technician would get in touch with me to discuss the situation in 5–10 business days. How difficult is it to change a password?

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Changing a password should be way easier. In fact, it usually is. Most websites let you do it yourself through your account settings. My guess is MyHyundai has some extra security steps, which is good for safety, but waiting days for a technician isn’t ideal. Maybe try checking their website for a “forgot password” option. You could also see if they offer any support through social media or chat. Hopefully you can get that password reset quicker next time…

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I hope this helps since I’m pretty persistent and have been through this before.

All the Hyundai accounts are connected… Blue Link, My Hyundai, and Hyundai Motor Finance. I went into the My Hyundai account, changed the password there, and it worked for the others too. It’s been a bit over a year, but I hope this helps someone.