Need Advice on P0722 Repair for My Hyundai

Need Advice on P0722 Repair for My Hyundai. My husband is the mechanic, and I handle the computer side (though I know a lot about cars).

We’re seeing code P0722 - output speed sensor. Occasionally, the car gets stuck in 2nd or 3rd gear and stays there until it releases.

Q1: Is the output speed sensor the same as the Pulse Generator Sensor?

Q2: There’s talk about reprogramming. My husband believes the part is fine after diagnosing it. Is reprogramming as simple as it sounds?

Q3: The service dealer mentioned these parts fail often. Should we replace the part first before considering reprogramming?

Q4: Can we reprogram the vehicle ourselves?

We want to fix it affordably until we find another vehicle to buy, but we need it to run well if we decide to sell it. Any advice from the experts would be greatly appreciated.


Sure, let’s address your questions one by one.

Q1 - The speed sensors are indeed the pulse generators, and they come as a set (input and output).

Q2 - There’s no need for reprogramming if the sensor is faulty. Simply clear the code and see if it returns.

Q3 - If the sensor is faulty, replacement is necessary. They do fail often, as mentioned, and I usually keep them in stock.

Q4 - Refer back to Q2 for handling reprogramming.

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I’ve heard that dealers sometimes reprogram the TCM (transmission control module) to address the P0722 code.