Opinions on Using 225/50-17 Instead of 215/55-17?

Hey guys,

So, I’ve been checking out tire options for my Sonata, and it seems like switching from the stock 215/55/17 size to 225/50/17 opens up a whole bunch of choices. I’m curious if anyone here has tried this size on their Sonata and encountered any issues? I did a search but couldn’t find any info on it.

My main concern would be if the larger tires cause any rubbing, but from what I’ve read, it would only be a difference of 5mm on each side of the axle, which doesn’t seem like much. The slight speedometer error of being 1mph slow doesn’t bother me either, since I doubt mine is perfectly accurate anyway.

Any insights or experiences you guys have would be super helpful!

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Exploring 225/50/17 tires for my Sonata instead of the standard 215/55/17. Any experiences with this size? Concerned about potential rubbing, but it’s just 5mm wider. Insights appreciated!

Switching to 225/50/17 tires from 215/55/17 should generally be fine for your Sonata as the size difference is minimal

Here are a few thoughts based on my experience with tire sizing on Sonatas in a shorter format:

The 225/50R17 size should fit your Sonata without any rubbing issues. Many owners run slightly larger than this as well with no problems.

You’re right that 1 mph slower speedo accuracy isn’t a huge deal. Just be aware of a tiny odometer difference from new tire circumference.

The 225 may ride firmer than stock due to less sidewall flex. Treadwear and mileage could potentially be less, but many high-quality 225s still offer good longevity.

I’d say go for the 225s if you find a style/brand you like. Stick with reputable tire makers and you can’t go wrong. The performance and appearance upgrade is worth it for minimal potential issues. Let me know if any other Sonata tire questions come up!

Just giving your Sonata a little shoe upgrade! As long as it’s comfy and the ride stays smooth, those tires should strut nicely. Just make sure it doesn’t start demanding fancier oil too! :smile::red_car:

Thanks for the detailed insight! It sounds like switching to 225/50R17 should be a smooth ride for the Sonata, with just minor adjustments to consider. Good tip on sticking with reputable brands for longevity. Definitely leaning towards giving those 225s a shot for that extra style and performance boost! :red_car::dash:

That’s exactly what I was hoping to hear. I wanted some reassurance about the 225/50R17s fitting without any rubbing.

The speedo accuracy difference is a good point, I’ll keep that in mind. I’m definitely going for the 225s now, especially if there are more style options. Appreciate the advice on sticking with good brands too.

If you’re using an OEM-sized rim, the recommended replacement tire size is 215/50R17. However, a 215/55R17 will also fit, although the offset may be slightly different. The linked chart outlines the advantages and disadvantages of using the new tire size. One notable difference is that your speedometer and odometer readings might be slightly inaccurate. As Glenn Gillespie notes in his response, it’s crucial to ensure that the alternative tire has a load index and speed rating equal to or greater than that of the OEM 225/50R17 tire.