P0326 Engine Knock Sensor Code

Hey there, I brought my 2020 Elantra to get fixed because of a recall for the piston rings. They also did something with the knock sensor as part of the recall. But the next day, my check engine light came on and stayed on. I used my code reader and it showed the code P0326. I’m planning to go to Vermont from Canada, but I’m worried about driving my car there if there’s a risk of the engine failing. Should I be concerned about this code, or is it okay to keep driving until I can get it checked next week?

Fix it or junk it. Dont ever buy Hyundai or Kia again.

The error code P0326 indicates a problem with the Knock Sensor 1 Circuit, crucial for detecting engine knock and preventing damage. Given the recent service on your 2020 Elantra involving piston rings and the knock sensor, this issue may be related and could pose a risk to your engine, especially on long trips like your planned drive from Canada to Vermont.

Driving with a faulty knock sensor can lead to reduced fuel efficiency and the potential for significant engine damage. Since the problem surfaced after a recall service, contact the dealership for a possible no-cost diagnostic check. It’s recommended to address this issue before any long trips to prevent further damage.

It’s safer to get this issue checked and resolved promptly to avoid risking engine damage or more costly repairs later.