Ring Car Cam Dashcam

Has anyone preordered one? I have never been so excited about a dashcam. It was not listed on the compatibility list, although it should be because the OBD-II port is on the left side of the steering wheel. I am not sure why so few dashcams use the OBD-II port but require a hardwire connection to the fuse box.


For accidents I would buy it. But for security it is useless

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The Ring Car Cam is a dashboard camera manufactured by Ring, a brand well-known for its security gear for homes. This dashcam has a number of functions that improve driver awareness and vehicle security. The Ring Car Cam is equipped with two cameras known as the dual facing cameras, one facing the road and the other facing the interior of the car. This provides comprehensive coverage both inside and outside the vehicle.

Is it truly able to read licence plates? For what it’s used for, that quality seems quite low, but maybe it sounds better on replay?