Should One Be Worried Over Battery Discharge Warning?

Lately, my father’s 2021 N Line has intermittently displayed a battery discharge warning immediately after starting. It differs from the warning prompted by leaving the radio on without the engine running, indicating “Battery Discharging Due to External Electrical Devices.”

Initially, he didn’t pay much heed to it. However, about a month ago, he encountered a dead battery, necessitating a jump start. After consulting the dealership, they reassured him that everything was in order; the battery had simply reached an extremely low charge. They advised him to drive more frequently and avoid short trips, recognizing that sporadic usage might contribute to the issue.

Fast forward to last week, and he faced another dead battery, almost unable to unlock the doors without assistance. Over the holiday weekend, he took it to the dealership, where they replaced the battery and confirmed that everything else was functioning correctly. When he inquired about a potential parasitic drain test, they stated that they found no anomalies in that regard.

However, today, upon attempting to drive, the warning reappeared, signaling an unresolved issue. It seems he will have to return to the dealership for further investigation.

Has anyone else encountered a similar dilemma?

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No need to worry. Just remember to turn off devices like the radio, lights, AC, and chargers when you’re not using them. This saves power and helps your battery recharge.

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If you leave any car in accessory mode, newer models will likely display a battery warning since the battery is being used without recharging. Therefore, it’s advisable not to do this frequently or for extended periods, as it can lead to battery depletion.


That sounds like a frustrating situation for your father.

It’s concerning to have the battery discharge warning reappear after a new battery was installed.

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