Some common hyundai engine problems

I have a 2019 Tucson with 66,000 miles purchased used in 2020. It runs fine. I also purchased a 2019 Sonata at the same time without knowing about the engine issues. I had previously owned a 2007 Santa Fe and a 2008 Sonata, both without any problems, so I didn’t think Hyundai was a bad car. However, reading about all these engine failures now is scaring me. I was even considering trading for a Toyota or Honda. I paid $18,000 for the Tucson, and the trade-in value is around $13,000, so I’d lose $5,000 plus the high cost for a new/used Toyota/Honda. At least I would feel more secure.

I’m wondering if anyone knows approximately what are the odds my engine will go bad, is it 5%, 10%, 20%? I drive locally about 6,000 miles per year and use Amsoil. So far, there are no symptoms whatsoever on either car, and I had the KSDS done on both cars.

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It’s understandable to be concerned about engine issues, especially with recent reports. While there’s no definitive odds for your specific situation, regular maintenance and using quality oil like Amsoil can help mitigate risks. Keep an eye on any symptoms and stay updated on recalls or service bulletins from Hyundai. If you’re still uneasy, consulting with a trusted mechanic might provide additional peace of mind.