Symptoms of oil on spark plugs

What are the signs that there’s oil on spark plugs? I’ve been experiencing some issues with my engine, and I’m wondering if oil on the spark plugs could be the cause. Can anyone describe the symptoms of this problem in simple terms?

@greenvil_omete Here are six signs of oil on spark plugs Sure! Here’s a simpler version:

  1. Blue Smoke from Tailpipe: If there’s engine oil on your spark plugs, they can’t make a good spark.
  2. Gas Smell from Exhaust: If you smell gas from your car’s tailpipe, there might be a problem.
  3. Increased Fuel Consumption: Your car might use more fuel than usual.
  4. Decreased Engine Performance: Your car might not work as well as before.
  5. Engine Misfire: Your car’s engine might not run smoothly.
  6. Engine Backfires: Your car’s engine might make loud noises.