What could be causing the P0014 code related to the B Camshaft Position Timing Over-Advanced or System Performance on a Hyundai i10 Active?

When I brought my car for its yearly check-up, the person testing it also checked something called OBD and found a problem code: P0014, code B Camshaft Position Timing Over-Advanced or System Performance Bank 1. I don’t really understand what this means. Also, today while I was driving, the light indicating a problem with the engine turned on. I went to the repair shop, but by the time I left to go home, the light had turned off. Can someone please explain what’s happening with this code and why the engine light keeps turning on and off? Thanks!

A possible problem with the camshaft timing on Bank 1 of your engine is indicated by the OBD code P0014. It implies that the camshaft is not operating at its best or is overly advanced. The engine light intermittently could be a sign of irregular sensor readings. To quickly identify and fix the underlying timing problem, speak with a mechanic.

P0014 means your engine computer (ECU) thinks the camshaft timing on Bank 1 is messed up. This can cause performance issues and explain the engine light.

The light coming on and off likely means the problem isn’t constant. It could be due to dirty oil, a faulty sensor, or something else. Best to visit a mechanic familiar with Hyundais to diagnose it properly.