What Does E/t On The Dash Mean?

Hey, I saw something on the dashboard that says ‘e/t.’ Can someone explain what that means?

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The term ‘e/t’ on a dashboard typically stands for “elapsed time.” It indicates the amount of time that has passed since a particular event or the start of the current operation.

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In general e/t means elapsed time. Not sure what context you are seeing this in.

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The “E/t” on the dashboard of a Hyundai vehicle stands for Elapsed Time. It is a feature that measures the amount of time that has passed since the car was started. This can be useful for tracking the duration of trips or monitoring how long the car runs on a tank of fuel.

Did you know that some Hyundai models may also have an “E/T” button that stands for Economy and Sport mode transmission? This allows the driver to switch between a more fuel-efficient driving mode and a sportier mode that may offer better performance but less fuel efficiency. Now you know :joy: :joy: :joy:

So, depending on the context in which you see “E/t” on your Hyundai’s dashboard, it could either be indicating the elapsed time since the car was started or referring to the transmission mode if your car has that feature.