Where can I get a replacement for my Hyundai key fob?

Hey, so I might have misplaced one of my two key fobs. I’ve been trying to figure out what to do but I’m a bit stuck. Option one is heading to the dealer, but those replacements are super pricey.

Any ideas?


You know, it’s probably best to head to the dealer for this. They can deactivate the lost one and set up a new one, which is crucial because right now, someone could potentially access your car with that missing fob.

Also, remember to bring along that tag that came with the fob when you got it - my dealer stressed the importance of keeping it safe for situations just like this.


I’d suggest reaching out to the dealer and asking about reprogramming the eBay fob and any potential issues that might come up.

Keep in mind that only two keys can be registered to a car, so you’ll likely need the dealer’s help to reprogram one new key along with one of your old keys to a unique code.

They usually charge around $80 for labor plus the cost of the key.

Good luck sorting it out!


You can get a replacement Hyundai key fob at auto locksmiths, or online retailers.

  1. Dealers often offer programming services.

  2. Auto locksmiths can be more convenient and sometimes cheaper.

But the challenge here is that Online options might require self-programming.

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Consider getting a replacement from an auto locksmith for a lower cost than a dealer. They often provide more affordable services, including programming the new key fob.

You are right. It is important to deactivate the lost fob and set up a new one to ensure the security of your car.

Bringing along the tag that came with the fob is also crucial, as it helps the dealer verify your ownership and program the new fob correctly.

Heading to the dealer is the best action in this situation.

Thanks for the tip! I guess it’s time to make nice with the dealer. Maybe if I bring cookies, they’ll drop that $80 charge? :joy: Good luck to us both!

Great tip! Who knew auto locksmiths could be the secret superheroes of key fob drama, saving both our locks and wallets! :smile::key:

You might want to get in touch with a locksmith that specializes in car key fobs. They might be a more affordable option than dealership substitutes. Ask your auto insurance if replacing a misplaced key is covered as well. Retrace your steps to find the lost fob if you have an extra one.