Which hyundai models are getting stolen?

As the title suggests, I’m curious about which car models are vulnerable to theft due to the TikTok trend. I own a 2016 push-to-start model, and there hasn’t been much information about Velosters being targeted. So far, I’ve only seen reports about Elantras being stolen. Any insights would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

From what I’ve read Elantras, Sonatas (especially 2011-2019 models) and Kia Forte/Optima/Sportage (also around 2011-2019) seem to be the most common targets. Your 2016 Veloster with push-to-start is a much tougher nut to crack for thieves.

When it comes to vehicle theft, certain models may be targeted more frequently due to various factors such as popularity, resale value, and ease of theft. While Hyundai vehicles, like any other brand, can be subject to theft, it’s important to note that theft rates can vary based on location and other factors.

However, it’s essential to understand that theft trends can change over time, and specific models may be targeted more frequently in certain regions.

To get accurate and up-to-date information on which Hyundai models are being stolen in your area, it’s recommended to consult local law enforcement agencies or organizations that track vehicle theft statistics. Additionally, taking proactive measures such as installing anti-theft devices and parking in well-lit areas can help reduce the risk of theft regardless of the vehicle model.