Which is better: Hyundai Elantra or Hyundai Sonata?

Hey guys, Sorry if someone already asked this, but I want to know what people think about the Elantra N compared to the Sonata N-Line. I currently have the Sonata, and I really like it, but I’m thinking about getting the Elantra instead. Can you tell me the good and bad points of switching? Thanks a lot.

Loving my Sonata, but want a sportier ride. Considering the Elantra N.

Elantra N: Super fun to drive, handles great (might be less powerful than Sonata N-Line though). Smaller and more noticeable.

Trade-offs: Less passenger and cargo space than Sonata.

Your call: More thrill or more chill? If you need the space, Sonata might be better. If you crave performance, Elantra N could be amazing! Anyone driven both?