Will hyundai buy back my car?

Hello everyone! Has anyone here dealt with Lemon Laws or Hyundai’s Buy Back program? I’d really appreciate hearing about your decision-making process and your experience with the process!

Here’s a bit of background for those interested:

I bought a 2023 Tuscon Hybrid at the end of December 2022 (I’m from Washington state). About a month later, I had a problem where two indicator lights kept coming on in my car (MIL & HEV). It took another month before I could get an appointment for service (mid-February). At that point, I thought the issue had been fixed.

Fast forward 8 months to today, and I’ve taken my car in for service a total of 4 times, with my car spending more than 30 days in the shop in total, all for the same issue. My last service appointment was at the end of August, and roughly three weeks ago, the problem came back.

At this point, I’m tired of taking my car in for service just for Hyundai to try random fixes. I haven’t been impressed with their customer service or the compensation they’ve offered for the inconvenience of buying a defective car. Sorry if that sounds frustrated, but I’m really worn out by this whole ordeal.

I had a phone call with another case manager this week, and they’re starting an investigation to see if my car qualifies for a buy-back. When I asked about Washington State Lemon Laws, which offer the option of repurchase or replacement, they said Hyundai only offers a buy-back option. Does this mean I have to pursue the Lemon Law replacement option separately from Hyundai’s customer service?

I’m still unsure whether I want my car replaced or repurchased. My concern with the repurchase option is that, considering the time and money I’ve already spent dealing with this brand-new car, I’d also lose more money on the car and have to go through the hassle of buying another one.

In short: Hyundai Buyback vs. Lemon Law repurchase/replacement experience, or any other general advice… Thank you to anyone who takes the time to read or respond!

Earlier this year, I went through the process of selling my car back to the company. It involved a lot of waiting, but in the end, I felt like I got a fair amount of money for it. Hyundai, the company I sold it back to, will now hand it over to an insurance company called Sedgwick to finish the sale.

The person who was helping me with the process made it very clear that getting a new car from Hyundai wasn’t an option. It seems like your state laws might allow for getting a replacement car, but it could mean doing more work or even getting a lawyer involved. Honestly, I didn’t want another Hyundai car at that point anyway.

@TucsonTrekker Thanks for sharing these views. Can you tell me how much time it took for Hyundai to finish the buyback process after they started looking into it, up until they settled with the insurance company?

I feel like the longer this goes on, the less I’m interested in getting another Hyundai.

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@SantaFeSage Once the case was handed over to Sedgwick, it took about 30 days. Some of the delay was because my car’s registration had expired as it had been at the dealership for over a year. If all your paperwork is in order for your car, I would expect it to be as fast or even faster.

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Here is what you need to know;

Hyundai does not have an official buyback program for their vehicles.

However, if your Hyundai has serious defects or problems that significantly impact its use, value, or safety, you may be eligible to pursue a lemon law claim.