Will Hyundai Replace My Engine?

A few weeks back, I purchased a 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport from a seller on an online marketplace. Recently, I noticed that the engine light had turned on on the dashboard. Concerned, I took it to a garage for inspection, where they identified an issue with the Knock Sensor Detection System. Further investigation revealed that the engine itself was defective, rendering the car unsafe to drive.

I’m aware that there have been recalls for the same model and year, but upon checking the VIN, I found that my specific vehicle wasn’t included in any recall. Interestingly, I’m the second owner; the original buyer acquired it in 2013 and had it repaired by Hyundai after a front collision in 2015.

I’m reaching out to see if anyone has encountered a similar situation and can offer advice. Despite the issue, I do like the car. Given the defective engine, recent recalls, and past repairs, I’m considering requesting Hyundai to replace it. However, I’m unsure of the process to follow in making such a request. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

The possibility of Hyundai replacing your engine hinges on various factors such as the cause of engine failure, your vehicle’s age and mileage, and the existence of any relevant recalls or warranties.

Key points to consider include:

Warranty Coverage: Hyundai might replace your engine for free if it’s still under the factory or an applicable extended warranty covers engine issues. Typically, Hyundai offers a 5-year or 60,000-mile new vehicle warranty and a 10-year or 100,000-mile powertrain warranty for the first owner.

Recalls and Service Campaigns: Due to specific engine problems like failure, knocking, or excessive oil consumption, Hyundai has initiated recalls and service campaigns for some models. Vehicles covered by such actions may have their engines replaced at no charge.

Goodwill Assistance: Hyundai might agree to replace your engine out of goodwill, even for vehicles no longer under warranty, particularly if the issue is recognized and your vehicle just exceeded warranty terms. This decision is up to Hyundai’s discretion and often involves discussions with the dealership or customer service representatives.

Maintenance History: When pursuing an engine replacement under warranty or goodwill, Hyundai may review your vehicle’s maintenance history to verify adherence to its maintenance guidelines. Inadequate maintenance can void warranty claims.

To see if your engine qualifies for replacement, you should:

  • Investigate any current recalls or service campaigns by contacting a Hyundai dealership or checking Hyundai’s official site.
  • Assess your vehicle’s warranty status to determine if engine replacement is covered.
  • Reach out to a Hyundai dealership or customer service to talk over your circumstances and review possible solutions.

It’s important to note that each situation is distinct, and engine replacement eligibility may differ based on the outlined criteria.

Based on what exactly? What kind of Hyundai? How many miles? What year? This is a very vague question.

So in short, no they won’t replace your engine.

Why? Because they need to determine if it’s under warranty.

There are many stipulations to determine if it’s still under warranty. You’d have to check and ask them.

It’s very much possible, but it’s a very tricky job and an illegal one too because all engines bear a unique identification number. Apart from that you need cut and adjust yr engine bay for the new engine and cars ecu and some wiring will also going to replace, so if you somehow do it yr car will become an unreliable,worthless piece of junk.