Wipers have stopped working! What's Up?

Hi Team Terracan,

While trying to clear the washers on my '56 Terracan, the wipers suddenly stopped working. Any ideas on what might have caused this?

Looking forward to your help!


My wipers decided to quit while I was cleaning my '56 Terracan! Bummer! Found online that a blown fuse or wonky wiper motor could be the issue. Maybe a linkage problem too? Not a mechanic here, so any Terracan wiper wisdom would be awesome!


A sudden wiper failure might be caused by a blown fuse, a broken wiper motor, or unconnected wiring. Begin by examining the fuse box for any blown fuses linked to wipers. If the fuse is intact, check the motor and wiring for any damage or loose connections.


The reasons why your wipers are not working may be because of: Torn wiper blades, Broken wiper controls, and Blown fuse.
If you cannot any damage in any of the above, you can consider visiting your mechanic for professional assistance.

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The linkage that connects the wiper arms to the motor may have become disconnected or damaged.